Looking for panels or panellists? MBS 2017

As the Call for Papers for the British Studies in a Broken World set out, we asked for  proposals offering ninety-minute panels or roundtables related to the conference’s themes or showcasing emerging new research across the field.

Despite some difficulties with this format and some arguments amongst us about what would be best, we felt, based on our experience of the 2015 conference, that it encouraged coherence within panels and helped conversations take place across individual papers and projects.

We are keen, however, to encourage those who are interested in giving papers or organizing panels a forum to discuss this and find possible collaborators. Last time round our forums did not prove particularly popular, so this year we just want those interested to use the comment section on this page to find people.

For those who wish to present a paper – briefly  explain your interests (max 50 words) and offer some key words for panel organizers. For those who have a panel and are looking for papers, please outline your panel idea (max 50 words) and give an indication of those involved so far.

We encourage diverse panels featuring colleagues from a range of career stages and featuring those representing different institutions.

This is an experiment. We hope it will help people create coherent, interesting panels. Be nice.

Comments will be moderated before they appear, but we will try to update them as often as we can.

14 thoughts on “Looking for panels or panellists? MBS 2017

  1. Hi! I am looking to join or co-create a panel about historicising bodies. My PhD research explores female body hair removal and the significance of hairlessness in the twentieth century. WLTM anyone interested in discussing ideas, potentially on themes like \ gender \ consumerism \ sexuality \ medicine \ porn \ race and ethnicity \ feminism \ fashion and adornment \ ableism \ art \ governmentality \ senses . GSOH not required but always appreciated. More info and contact details here: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/341283

  2. Hi! I’m interested in participating in a panel that explores ideas about the place of nature in modern life. My PhD considers engagement with modernity through listening, particularly to the sounds, rhythms and quietude of nature during the first half of the twentieth century. Noise, war, radio and birdsong are all favourites. More here: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/322598

  3. Message from Max Hogdson, University of Reading.

    Hi all, I’d be interested in joining/co-creating a panel for MBS 2017 that examines the reception in 20th C. Britain of ideas from abroad, be they political, social, or cultural. A post-referendum championing of a new ‘Global Britain’ raises questions about how ‘foreign’ ideas have impacted Britain in the past; perhaps made more complicated by the legacy of Empire. My own PhD examines the impact of Soviet Russia upon the British Labour Party in the inter-war years.
    Contact details:

  4. Hello! I would like to join/form a panel addressing gender and sexuality. My dissertation project historicizes the changing relationship between sex / violence / pain / kink / sexual identity in Britain and beyond. The paper I would present argues for an “Anglo world” sexual culture, highlighting the ways Britons, and in particular British migrants, debated similarities and differences between American and British sexuality at mid-century. This paper makes use of “kink entrepreneur” archives and correspondence sent to Alfred Kinsey by British subjects during the 1940s-50s.

    Contact Details: http://www.history.northwestern.edu/people/graduate-students/ruby-ray-daily.html

  5. Hi all, my name is Simon Briercliffe and I’m a doctoral researcher here at Birmingham. I’m looking for a new extra paper or two on a panel putting together looking at the localised effects of the kind of upheavals the CfP talks about. As a historian of immigration in the Black Country, there is a depressingly large amount to talk about, and much of it finds echoes in today’s discourse. We’re most of the way to a panel with a West Midlands focus, so if you’d be interested please get in touch: simonbriercliffe [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. Hi – I’ve had some suggestions for a panel on Thatcher/Thatcherism. If you’d be interested in joining it, please email me: antony [dot] mullen [@] durham [dot] ac [dot] uk

  7. Hello,

    I am a PGR at Queen Mary, University of London currently looking to organize a panel based around race and space in post-1965 cities, or to join one if this already exists. I’m looking through the lens of nightlife and entertainment, but I’m open to a more broad panel if necessary. If you would be interested in joining up, please contact me at s.bentel@qmul.ac.uk

  8. Hi, I’m Christopher Massey, a post-doc at Teesside University. I’d be interested in joining/co-creating a panel on the modern Labour Party. I’m currently working with the personal diaries and archive of Lord Tom Sawyer and writing on the modernisation of the Party in the 80s and 90s.

    Thus I would be interested in joining/creating a panel of papers relating to Labour’s modernisation/New Labour/the ideology of the Party/Labour’s response to 18 years of Conservative government in the 80s/the Corbyn era/Labour’s declining fortunes/Party unity etc.. Please email me at c.massey@tees.ac.uk

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