Looking for panels or panellists? MBS 2017

As the Call for Papers for the British Studies in a Broken World set out, we asked for  proposals offering ninety-minute panels or roundtables related to the conference’s themes or showcasing emerging new research across the field.

Despite some difficulties with this format and some arguments amongst us about this, we felt, based on our experience of the 2015 conference, that it best encouraged coherence within panels and helped conversations take place across individual papers and projects.

We are keen, however, to encourage those who are interested in giving papers or organizing panels a forum to discuss this and find possible collaborators. Last time round our forums did not prove particularly popular, so this year we just want those interested to use the comment section on this linked blog page to find people.

For those who wish to present a paper – briefly  explain your interests (max 50 words) and offer some key words for panel organizers. For those who have a panel and are looking for papers, please outline your panel idea (max 50 words) and give an indication of those involved so far.

We encourage diverse panels featuring colleagues from a range of career stages and featuring those representing different institutions.

This is an experiment. We hope it will help people create coherent, interesting panels. Be nice.

Comments will be moderated before they appear, but we will try to update them as often as we can.