Rethinking Modern British Studies: Blogs and Responses

We are very happy to host responses to the MBS Conference. Some of these may have appeared elsewhere, but we thought it useful to gather some of these together in one place. We are recording these here, rather than on the MBS blog to try and keep a record of events. We welcome contributions of different sorts, but please try to keep our MBS Conference Blogging Info in mind.

Chris Moores: So, what next?

Sam Caslin: An ECR at MBS2015, A Narrative.

Jessica Meyer: The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things

Peter Halton: An MA Student at MBS2015

Jessica Douthwaite: Popular Narratives start at school

Aaron Andrews: Some Ramblings

Lucy Robinson: Things are messy: Be Careful What You Wish For

Laura Cofield: A veritable feast of thoughts and accepting my life revolves around food

Daniel Hood: Definitions and Duties: Re-forging Modern British History?

Nichola Tonks: The Newbie in the Corner

Christienna Fryar: On #MBS2015

James Greenhalgh: On doubting, debating and encouraging

Rhodri Hayward: Onwards and Inwards: Making Sense of the Affective Turn at MBS2015

Natalie Thomlinson: What it all means

Charlotte Greenhalgh: History with emotions in

Christine Grandy: The Stories We Tell, Cultures of Democracy, and Hidden Histories

Gareth Millward: MBS 2015

Sarah Mass: Who is Afforded (and who can Afford) the Archive?

Laura Carter: One day and the everyday at MBS2015

Andrew Seaton: Looking Beyond Blighty: Comparison in Modern British Studies

Sophie Greenway: Reflections of a mature student on MBS2015

Simon Briercliffe: What’s so subversive about peace, love and understanding?

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